Django Day 2020

Djangonauts from in and around Denmark are meeting up for the second edition of Django Day, to be held on April 17th 2020. It will be a full day of talks followed by an evening of social events.

Come and meet your local and excellent community and share with them. Tell us about your idea and your contribution to make this a great day.

The event will accommodate ~100 people.


A full day of talks will be presented here, all connected to modern issues faced by Django developers of all experiences. And don't worry: It's a single-track event, meaning that you won't have to miss anything. The day will end with a round of lightning talks, which can be submitted on the day of the event, and be drawn during the day.

Please standby, as we announce the full program on March 1st. You can submit your proposal until February 2nd.

Main speaker

Chris Adams

Greening Django

We're in a climate emergency, and as the world goes digital, we run the risk from going from software eating the world, to software heating the world.

Chris Adams, from the Green Web Foundation and will show how to quantify the emissions from the digital projects you work on, and how to make measurable differences, from optimising code, to thinking structurally about how you spend your time as a web professional.

Main speaker

Nynne Just Christoffersen

Mega-Very-Cool: The story of how the MVC Pattern Was Developed

We all know and love the MVC pattern. But why is it so great? Did you ever work with a project with another worldview? Do you know what came before this brilliant and elegant separation solution? This talk takes you through the story of how MVC was developed and why we should really appreciate it.

Main building

More to come…

Please submit your proposal before the deadline! Even if you have never given a talk before, Django Day is open for you. We expect to be able to announce 8-12 names, depending on the length of submitted talks.

Who are we?

Django Day is brought to you by Django Denmark, an association formed in 2018 with the aim of creating and supporting education and networking activities in relation to The Django Web Framework.

We can use your help

If you want to help us with Django Day, please send us an email to

Previous events

DjangoCon Europe 2019

We originally decided that we would do another Django Day 2019 in Copenhagen. But then we got pretty caught up in organizing DjangoCon Europe 2019 in Copenhagen and postponed Django Day.

The event is archived here:

DjangoDay 2018

Django Copenhagen Day 2018 (slides etc. archived here) was a fantastic start for Django Denmark. Before this, we had smaller meetups for many years, but as they slowed down, we decided to try an bigger gathering.